At Seva House; our experienced therapists provide individual therapy for adults,
adolescents and children. Our therapists also provide opportunities for
individuals to attend group work; Wrapped In Angels, Buried In Treasures
Hoarding Treatment Program, Mindfulness Program and Clinical Supervision
(individual and group). Our highly skilled therapists are also available to
develop specialised training packages tailored to your workplace upon request.

Individual therapy is provided under a number of different programs:

GP Referral

As Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Psychologists, our therapists are registered to provide counselling through the Medicare-funded Better Access Program which includes Mental Health Care Plan referrals.

Victims of Crime Counselling (Victim Services)

The NSW Department of Communities and Justice offers a free counselling program to anyone who has been impacted by violent crime in NSW. All therapists at Seva House are approved providers of this counselling program and are specialised in trauma-informed approaches in order to best support you. All therapists have extensive training and experience in the areas of sexual violence, domestic, family and community violence, trauma and neglect.

Who is eligible for Victims of Crime Counselling?

People who have either been direct victims of a crime or impacted by violent crime are eligible. The act of violence does not have to be reported to police and people who have experienced violence in the past are also eligible. Common circumstances where people are able to access victim of crime counselling include but are not limited to; sexual and indecent assault (all ages), domestic violence, physical assault, home invasion, robbery, family members of homicide victims.

Private Clients

We are covered under certain private health funds such as BUPA, Teachers Union and Mid wives and Nurses Union. Psychologist and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers are covered by different private health funds.  Please discuss with your clinician when referring.

If you would like to book an appointment directly, you may be able to contact us and self-refer. Full fee paying is available, however access to rebates will be limited, should you not wish to access Better Access Plans or Government-supported therapy.

Telehealth via video conferencing or phone

Telehealth has been shown to be very effective in the delivery of therapy. Our therapists are experienced in using Telehealth and have been providing therapy and supervision via this platform for some time. All our therapies are available over this platform.

The Benefits of telehealth are as follows;

  • You can choose your therapists wherever they may be located.
  • You have access to skilled therapists providing therapies such as EMDR and trauma focused therapies no matter where you live.
  • It saves you time as you do not have to travel to and from your appointment.
  • You are able to access therapy feeling safe in your home.
  • You can continue on with your therapy, no matter where you are
  • You can continue therapy with your clinician if you or they move
  • Telehealth sessions are approved by Victim Services

Common Concerns:

  • Some people worry that it is too complicated. Once you have downloaded the app you only have to click on the link and it will take to you to your virtual waiting room where you therapists will admit into the meeting. Your therapist can easily guide you through this if you do have any difficulties.
  • Some people worry that they won’t have the same connection with their therapist. After the first session or two most people report that they feel really comfortable using telehealth and some even prefer this to in person.
  • Some people are worried about their privacy and confidentiality. We use secure video platforms to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

Individual and Group Supervision

  • Individual Supervision is provided by Individual Therapists – Please contact therapist that meets your requirements for supervision.
  • Group Supervision is provided by Individual Therapists – Please look on Fees and Rebate page for prices and current group supervision that is running.

Accredited EMDR Individual & Group EMDR Consultation

  • Michele Bowes is an Accredited EMDR Consultant with EMDRAA & EMDRIA and provides Individual Accredited EMDR ,  Group Accredited EMDR Consultation. and Attachment Informed EMDR Group Consultation – Please look on Fees and Rebate page for prices and contact details. If you would like to read more about EMDR consultation that Michele runs or to book online please visit