Seva House

COVID-19 Response

Due to the efforts to promote social distancing  to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we offer therapeutic services via secure video conferencing or telephone platforms.  As Therapists, we have experience in providing online therapy through this platform as a result of working with clients who live remotely or in other parts of Australia. Clients will have a choice to attend in person or they are able to have their sessions via secure video conferencing or telephone platforms.

About US

Seva House was established in 2019 and is comprised of experienced and passionate Mental Health Social Workers who work therapeutically with children, adolescents and adults. We are passionate and down to earth independent therapists who use a variety of evidence-based psychological interventions such as; Eye Movement and Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Resource Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).  All therapists incorporate trauma and attachment-informed frameworks and we are proud to provide additional services; Work and Development Orders, professional and staff training, clinical supervision for professionals (individual and group) and groupwork opportunities for clients such as Wrapped in Angels and Buried in Treasures.

We bring years of experience working in the field of Child Protection, Sexual Assault, Domestic/Family Violence, Mental Health, Complex Trauma, Addiction and Personality Disorders and pride ourselves on providing a service that is non-judgemental, respectful, ethical and protective of a client’s self-determination.  All of our clients are seen as a beautiful sunrise – to be welcomed and respected.

Seva House Partners are members of EMDRAA (EMDR Association of Australia) specialising in EMDR Therapy with Partners being Accredited and Approved Practitioners. EMDR is one of the most researched psychotherapeutic approaches for PTSD. Since 1989 over 20 controlled clinical studies have found EMDR to effectively decrease or eliminate the symptoms of PTSD for the majority of clients and it is more efficient. Research is now being undertaken on its effectiveness for CPTSD.

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) has recently noted EMDR as a Level 1 treatment for PTSD in their recent published results for ‘Evidence-Based Psychological Interventions: A Literature Review’ (2010) for both young people and adults. This is the highest rating that can be applied to a specific therapeutic approach. Additional research has focussed on use of EMDR for CPTSD, OCD,  Depression and Anxiety and numerous other issues with extremely good results. EMDR is endorsed by the World Health Organisation.

Seva House offers therapeutic services via Medicare (GP Referral Mental Health Care Plan), the Victim of Crime Counselling Programs and by private arrangement. Please read about our therapists to know more about their therapeutic approaches, skills and experience.

We welcome people from all cultures, faiths, ethnicities and sexuality as a safe and non-judgemental service. Finding us is also easy and accessible – Seva House is located opposite Maitland Train Station and close to Maitland CBD and public transport.