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Resource Therapy Training – Foundation Certificate

Resource Therapy (RT), also known as Advanced Ego States, is a powerful, compassionate, and creative therapy based on the understanding that the mind is multifaceted. These facets or parts of mind are called Resources.  Resource Therapy is an attachment informed parts therapy developed by Prof. Gordon Emmerson combining his knowledge of Ego State Therapy, Psychology and his clients experiences.

Resource Therapists appreciate that each Resource/Part is an ingenious neuro – relational reflection of how we adapted to life circumstances.  

Resource Therapy like many other modalities, understand that maladaptive behaviours, distressing emotions, and relational challenges are connected to the perceptions, beliefs and behavioural repertoires held by resources.  

In RT we learn to relate directly with Resources, and treat the basis of a client’s symptoms in a way that promotes reprocessing, memory re – consolidation and increased capacities. 

What’s covered:

A comprehensive introduction and overview of Resource Personality Theory & Therapy

Further tools and a modality to work with clients with a range of presentations

Provides CPD hours for registered psychologists , social workers, counsellors and mental health professionals (please check with your regulatory body)

Provides the prerequisite (first 2 days of training) for the Clinical Resource Therapist Qualification 10 days, typically offered as an 8-day training for those who have completed this 2-Day Foundation Training level.

Provides experiential learning and live demonstrations to understand how Resource Therapy can be applied directly to your work. Completing the Foundation in RT you can begin to apply it immediately directly to your practice.

RT can be used as an effective standalone therapy, or utilised with other effective treatment approaches such as EMDR.

Facilitated by Clinical Resource Therapists and Trainers Michele Bowes and Amy English.

This training is facilitated online and allows participants to attend the training wherever they are located.

Price for this training is $690 (inclusive of GST)

*Please note: all training is to be paid in full for registration to be confirmed. If you are an employee and your organisation is paying for the training or practice groups or you are needing flexible payment arrangements – please contact us at

All payments must be finalised prior to training commencing.