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Our fees vary depending on the counselling program you are referred unde and/or the therapist that you see.

Private clients and when referred by GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician (Medicare) Initial Appointments (up to 90 minutes) from $205.00 Ongoing appointments (up to 50 minutes) from $180.00. Please note fees are different for each therapist. This will be confirmed when you book your appointment. A Medicare rebate applies if a referral has been made to us under a Mental Health Care Plan. There is a  Minimum Medicare rebate: Higher rebates may apply depending on the Medicare safety net threshold. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we invite you to discuss fees with your practitioner.

Couples Counselling: Initial Appointments (up to 90 minutes) from $290.00. Ongoing appointments (up to 50 minutes) from $260.00

Victims of Crime Counselling: Clients attending under the Victims Services Program are not charged for appointments as the Department of Communities and Justice will rebate your counsellor for your appointment(s).

Health Care Funds: If you hold top cover with Teachers Health, Uni Health, Bupa and Nurses and Midwives Health. Check the rebates amount with your fund prior to attending.

Professional Supervision and Consultation Individual Clinical Supervision for professionals start from $180.00 for 55 mins (includes GST). Group Clinical Supervision is provided and is dependent on the clinician providing the supervision. Rates may vary due to whether supervision is provided to professionals from the one organisation or to individuals. Group Supervision starts from $140.00 per person for 115 mins (includes GST) (minimum of 6 participants). Rates vary depending on amount of participants in the group.  Consultation rates start from $205.00 (including GST).

Please contact the following Therapists to enquire about Clinical Supervision for Professionals and Organisations:

Michele Bowes

Amy English

Dickson Murehwa

Cathy Broderick

                                                                 Ben Crebert

Current EMDR Individual and EMDR Group Consultation.

  Michele is an Accredited EMDR Consultant and provides EMDR Consultation for Individual’s and Group’s. All of these are provided online.

Individual EMDR Consultation:

Individual Consultation allows EMDR therapists to both embed new skills into their clinical practice and extend their knowledge to become highly proficient in EMDR Therapy. Individual consultation allows EMDR therapists to complete the requirements for status as an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner or Consultant. Individual consultation also can be counted toward requirements for EMDRAA membership and accreditation.

The Individual online EMDR Sessions go for 55 mins at a rate of $215.00 (Including GST) per hour.

Accredited focused Group EMDR Consultation and Relational Integrative EMDR Group Consultation :

These 2-hour group sessions are suited for EMDR therapists who have completed Basic EMDR Training (Part I and Part II workshops and 10 hours of consultation) and are working toward becoming an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner,  Consultant or membership with EMDRAA

These sessions meet the criteria with EMDRAA having an accreditation focus with a maximum of 4 to 6 professionals. All  professionals have 30 minutes to present according to their specific accreditation and learning needs.  They also have the opportunities to participate in discussions around other participants presentations throughout the session and to learn from myself and other colleagues in the group

The Accredited focused EMDR group consultation for 4 individual professionals is $175.00 (Including GST) per person for the 2 hour online session. The Relational Integrative  EMDR group consultation is for 4 individual professionals who have trained in AI EMDR or AF EMDR or who have interest in learning more The fee for this group is $175 (Including GST) per person for the 2 hour online session.

Contact details: 

If you are interested in finding out more about EMDR consulting please visit Michele’s webpage where if interested you can book an online session.  If you would like to discuss with Michele please email her at

Amy is also an Accredited EMDR Consultant and provides EMDR Consultation for Individuals and Groups which are provided online through zoom platform.

Individual EMDR Consultation hours can be counted towards EMDR Accreditation with EMDRAA and allow consultees an opportunity to integrate knowledge and practice, troubleshoot with case reviews and work towards accreditation as either an EMDR Practitioner or Consultant.

For further information, please visit Amy’s webpage at: